The IXIS core business is the Commissioning Engineering and Execution.
We can also provide the following project services.

Commissioning management services

These services can be offered for both preparation and execution phases, hence for a full Commissioning package being an ideal solution for Customers wanting to avoid any problem at Start-Up.
It is also convenient for EPCC companies usually more focussed on Construction than on Commissioning.

    They consist of:
  • For the preparation phase, making the Commissionng Engineering whether with our own CCMS Ixiscom (licence), or with the client's tool i.e. preparing databases, commissioning sequences and GANTT, Check&Test sheets, working out manhours per discipline, defining the Operational Tests (OT) list and formatting required documentation for the commissioning execution management (Reporting, punch list management, Website and smartphone pages…).
  • For the execution phase, implementing the commissioning scope defined during Preparation with an Ixiscom Operator provided by IXIS. NB : IXIS commits itself to accompany its customer all through the Project (Ixiscom administrator, hotline).


Considering that there are no satisfactory tools available in the market and that Commissioning was a constant concern within a Project scope, IXIS has developed its own CCMS (Completion & Commissioning Management Software), IXISCOM.

It is easily customizable to the needs of our customers as it is developed in-house by our own developers.This tool, created by Commissioners for Commissioners, is fully integrated and designed for digital commissioning. It shall be considered as a first-order reference for Commissioning management for both preparation and execution phases.

IXIS can provide the ressources for Inspection works
for FAT and for Construction.

Supervision and audits services

The Ixis Methodology can be applied in all kind of industrial sectors and plants
(Whatever the size) such as, but not limited to:

Work supervision for the Customer, including automatic reporting

Commissioning audits

Control of the Construction entity including automatic reporting (Progress, Punch listing)

Multi Projects supervision (Progress, issues, punch listing) for Corporate Projects Management, including automatic reporting, Webpage, Dashboards for smartphones, tablets

Personnel supply

CSL (Commissioning Site Leader), discipline leader or as needed by the client.


Maintenance support is now available


IXIS (with its partners) can decommission any type of facility.

IXIS sectors and Work places

IXIS can offer services for almost all industrial sectors and all kind of plants (small, medium or big):

    IXIS has experience in:
  • Oil&Gas (Upstream,Midstream,Downstream):
    • Offshore platforms,
    • Onshore plants in very hot (deserts) and very cold (Siberia) environments (Upstream sector),
    • Gas transport: pipeline, compression and measuring stations,
  • Power plants and dam,
  • Nuclear power plant,
  • Desalinization plants,
  • Water Treatment plants,
  • Wind and Solar farms,
  • Air gases (ASU) and CO2/H2 Syngas (SMR) plants,
  • Airports / Metro
    IXIS is offering services worldwide and is already installed in the following countries/zones:
  • Europe:
    • France, headquarters in Paris
    • UK, partner
  • North America:
    • Canada, partner
    • USA (Texas), partner
    • Mexico, subsidiary company IXISMEX
  • Persian Gulf: UAE (Abu Dhabi), subsidiary company IXIS Middle East
  • Asia: Thailand, Representation in Thailand