When talking about commissioning, the following phases shall be actually considered: Precommissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up.
Their definition may vary from one Customer to another one.

    The definition in the IXIS methodology is as follows:
  • Precommissioning: it comprises all cold testing activities. No energization is required. During this phase, all elements are checked for proper installation.
  • Commissioning: it comprises all hot testing activities. Energization is required. During this phase, Equipment are checked for proper functioning. No process fluid is involved.
  • Start-Up: Corresponds to the tests executed after the Process Fluid introduction.

Anyway, IXIS will adapt its Work, including the Ixiscom format, to suit the Costumer definitions.

Project precommissioning and commissioning activities are executed to ensure a safe, smooth and quick Plant Start-Up: this is of the utmost importance since Production is at stake.

IXISCOM software
main features

In order to implement its Commissioning Methodology in the best possible manner, IXIS has created a very powerful tool : the IXISCOM software.

IXIS co-founders have developed their own commissioning software to fulfill all the needs they have identified during their 30-year career in commissioning.

From Pre-commissioning and Commissioning to Start-Up and Handover to your client, you will have a strong tool and an experienced team by your side to manage all the different aspects of the commissioning phases.

IXISCOM is user friendly and has been developed with a result-oriented approach:
  • Instinctively access all your information within a few clicks
  • Enjoy our training and support anywhere, anytime
  • Manage all your projects and all types of projects
  • Transpose every event that occurs on site into IXISCOM to immediately understand the consequences and take the corrective actions and effective decisions
  • Work with us to tailor our in-house software to your wishes and internal policies. Among others, we can customize languages, standards, procedures, wording, forms, KPIs, dossier templates, report templates…

    We are convinced that the tool must be adapted to the client, not the contrary

    Let IXISCOM do the behind-the-scenes work… Use more time managing!

    Use IXISCOM for all your projects and you will get homogeneous data and reports.

    It will also help you to ensure that your partners will provide information and documents as you expect to. All your projects with the same format and information accessible on a unique platform will make your management easier and more efficient.

      IXISCOM fully works locally, without any Internet connections. However, every access to Internet, even for a short period of time will update our cloud-based database. You will then be able to remotely:
    • Use our webpage and smartphone application to get the latest updated data of your project
    • Download the latest reports, Gantt planning, mobilization planning, punch list...
    • Review all your projects information from your office with your team

    A unique database for the whole project ensures its reliability.

    We use the latest IT technologies to make your data safe with us.

    Go fully paperless (if you want to!) with our authorized material for on-site activities.

    No need to print all your check-sheets, drawings or vendor documentation; everything is accessible on our tablets for the technicians.

      Enjoy all our IXISCOM key features, integrated into this unique software:
    • A clear Dashboard
    • Gantt Scheduling and Commissioning Sequence
    • Mobilization & Cost Follow-up
    • Commissioning Dossier
    • Punch List Management
    • Reporting
    • Library
    • And much more...!

    With IXISCOM, spend less and achieve more

    With IXISCOM, spend less and achieve more

    Technical Overview

    Clear Dashboard

    Key Information at a glance of all the different aspects of your commissioning execution:

    Gantt Scheduling

    A clear representation of your commissioning execution schedule to help you tracking delays.

    Transpose every event that occurs on site into IXISCOM to immediately understand the consequences and take the corrective actions and effective decisions.

    It helps you estimating the manhours needed per discipline to perform the commissioning execution as you plan to.


    Automatic generation of your personalized periodical report. Don’t waste time and avoid errors in your reporting data.

    As a manager, enjoy a clear report with homogeneous information for all your projects.


    The Sequence offers a visual map of your commissioning, especially at the early stages of commissioning.

    Commissioning Dossier

    Automatic generation of your customized commissioning dossiers before the execution of commissioning, ready to use!

    At the end of your project, automatic generation of the handover dossier to your client.


    Easy storage, access and viewing of all the documents of your project.

    Punch List

    Efficient management of your Punch List, with pictures if needed.

    Mobilization & Cost Follow-up

    IXISCOM provides a clear planning of your mobilization team and equipment. It helps you in anticipating its cost and planning accordingly.