The Ixis methodology with a new and unique Commissioning Software.

The IXIS methodology, a new approach to commissioning management with IXISCOM, the ultimate Commissioning Software.
Struggling with commissioning preparation and execution? We have the solution!

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IXIS Methodology strenghts for commissioning

The IXIS metholodogy is paving the way to a safe, smooth and quick Commissioning and Start-Up for any kind of Plant, with the use of IXISCOM, a new licensed Commissioning software registered with the French APP agency :

Usual software features have been used to build IXISCOM; No need to be an IT expert to get familiar with it
No customization constraints
Suitable for big, medium, small size Projects
Can be used for all kind of industrial Projects, oil & gas and others
Work scheduling:
Compatible with main planning softwares, link with Construction schedule
Network or standalone set up
Hotline support
Once defined, the database cannot be modified without client prior approval (Administrator)


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