IXISCOMvCommissioning Software (rev2.0) is a tool developed by IXIS to manage and organize the Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities. It covers the preparation and the execution phases of these activities with a powerful planning and project environment tool.

Main features

  • A Relational database management system for the Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Preparation to Start-Up activities.
  • Tasks forms Printouts : All Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Operations require Checks and tests (static, functional, operational etc...) described on forms directly printed out by the software and filtered as required.
  • Document control :It manages a register to follow-up the Project commissioning documents ( written, submitted, approved...)
  • Punch Lists Management : to get the exact status of the activities during the various phases of the project.
  • Management and tasks progress : Automatic progress calculation as per powerful multi-criteria filter : Discipline, contractor, sub-projects etc...
  • Commissioning Sequence : A graphic updated colored sequence is available for the follow-up of the systems activities and predefined milestones.
  • Commissioning planning : Availability of a commissioning project planning. Possibility of linking it to the Construction planning. Allows delays identification.
  • Communication tool : Included a module to allow the Project team to communicate by messages and video and to transfer files.
  • Organizer : Included a module that allows to organize, for each user, the meetings, events etc.. also possible to synchronize with your personal organizer.
  • Organization chart: Commissioning Project Organization chart

Technical characteristics

  • the Ixiscom Commissioning Software can run either in a networked, multi-user environment or in standalone configuration, laptop or desktop, Client Server if needed.
  • the Ixiscom Commissioning Software only runs in a Windows environment whatever the windows release used : XP, seven , eight etc...
  • the Ixiscom Commissioning Software is provided with a set of multi-lingual forms for all disciplines, for Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning tasks, that can be modified (or creation of new forms) by the Ixiscom Commissioning Software administrator.
  • the Ixiscom Commissioning Software interfacing : Allows the direct interface with other common softwares. The main interface for the data is MS Excel (any release) as import / export. Direct interface with Primavera and MS Project for planning purpose.
    Direct interface with Google, Notes and Outlook organizers.
    Direct export to MS Excel of any customized/filtered table and direct possible sending by e-mail.
    All printouts can be directly sent by e-mail.
    All printouts/reports can be commented/noted before printing / sending if required.
  • the Ixiscom Commissioning Software is a licensed software available during the whole project i.e. Preparation and execution phases.
  • the Ixiscom Commissioning Software is supplied with a Hot line (Phone, Internet).
IXIS COM - General Overview

IXIS COM - General Overview

All information required for the commissioning project management.
Customizable by user

IXIS COM Precom & Com Database

IXIS COM Precom & Com Database

Database import, modification, tasks follow-up and Progress...

IXIS COM Scheduling

IXIS COM Scheduling

Gantt typical module and interface with scheduling software (MS Project, primavera...)

IXIS COM Commissioning Start-Up sequence

IXIS COM Commissioning Start-Up sequence

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